Our wheelsets are handcrafted in Berlin by experienced wheel builders with highest care and precision. The experience of our wheel builders and the usage of the best tools available on the market (like truing stands from P&K Lie) we can guarantee a high quality and durable wheel.


We have created a modern rim shape for perfect aerodynamics and reduced side wind sensibility. Our U-shape rims with a wide rim body has 24,7 mm width at the braking track. At its widest position of the rim body we are measuring 26,5 mm. This shape is giving a perfect balance of aerodynamics, stiffness and weight. Our special U-shape rim is reducing air turbulences in side wind conditions by kind of smoothing the airflow break-away edge. Reduced air turbulences making the wheel faster and less sensible against side winds.


Wider rims have several advantages: You can use wider tires (23 - 25 mm). Tire and rim are more aligned and the airflow can smoothly pass the tire to rim step which is reducing air turbulences and air resistance.  Furthermore wider tires needs less tire pressure as they are having a better brace support. Less pressure also means more riding comfort. Due to the fact that a wider tire has a different contact surface the rolling resistance is getting lower. Last but not least a wider rim improves the stiffness of the wheel. The influence of a wider body to the aeroynamics of a wheel is so low that it cannot be measured.


With straight pull spokes technology we are able to find the perfect balance of weight and stability. Straight pull spokes allows to precisely align the spokes. So we can build a wheel that is stiff and very reactive. Furthermore hubs with straight pull technology needs less material because there is no need to build a hub flange. This means that hubs for straight pull spokes can be made lighter without reducing its stability. We are using straight pull technology in all our road wheel sets.