In case of a crash with your wheels it could happen that your wheels will be damaged. Some damages are just an optical issue others are more serious and could limit the usability of your wheels. If you crashed with your wheels please let them checked by an experienced dealer to make sure if your wheels can be used further or if they are damaged that much that you cannor use them anymore.


With the KYZR Crash Replacement we offer a service that allows the original owner of the wheels to buy the same or comparable wheels at a discout of 20% if your wheels are damaged that serious that your wheels cannot be used anyore. We offer this service for 2 years after purchase.


To get our Crash Replacement Service please sent an email to and let us know your full name and adress, the wheel model and date of purchase. Furthermore please attach pictures of the defects and describe how the crash happened. Please be aware that this service is only valid for the original owner of the wheels and is limited to damages that does not allow the further use of your wheels. Damages that only effect the optical appearence of the wheels or damages that were done by purpose does not allow to use our Crash Replacemnet Service. You can get the Crash Replacement Service only once for a purchased wheel or wheelset.




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